The perfect black can be hard to find…

The TV market is techy and hard to understand. LG needed help to launch their new TV, and show that their TV is different compared to others, because in the end, a TV is a TV?

To be able to stand out, we needed to launch the LG TV in a new category, OLED TV.

We made it in to a real challenge to find the perfect TV experience. transforming a van, to a rolling OLED Vann and created an online competition, where you’d follow the OLED VAN in real time, and if you were able to get a picture of it, you could win an OLED.

Inside the van we also created an experience showing the difference between a regular LED TV and an OLED TV. The competition was a huge success and the market share went from 17% to 24%.


  • Client

    LG Electronics
  • Assignment

    Launch the LG TV in a new category, Oled TV
  • Partner


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