How to use something as boring like an Out of The Office -replay to communicate

We live in a more connected society, people don’t use offices as they used to, and Wi-Fi is as easy as water from a tap. Studies show that new Impressions helps creativity, and we all know that working out of office is the time when you get most things done.

Telia wanted to help people work out of office and came to us asking for help.

In Telias store at Kungsgatan they have a space that changes it appearance from time to time. We suggested to use that space as an office, where anybody could work on their own terms, use the conference room to have a meeting or just check your email and take a coffee.

We created Telia FREEworkspace. To communicate about the concept to the user’s colleagues and partners we used the OOO-replay informing them that you could use our office for their meeting.

Total reach of over 650 000 persons



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    Help people work out of office
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